About Us


Web Designing Company

gnexxt.com is now gn. And gnexxt.com is a web designing company that provides services to both local clients and internationally, gnexxt.com is a web designing unit of gn interactive solutions. It was created in 2002 by Sanal Menon. Our group consists of graphic designers, programmers and flash animators from across the globe. This means that we are able to commence projects of any level of convolution and our team provides excellent customer services and communications to our clients.

From these small beginnings, the ideas grew rapidly. Generation Nexxt, India [gnexxt.com] now continuing improvement for our teams providing better maintenance on products, communication and support is a routine task. This dedication to our work underpins everything we do, forever striving to push the boundaries of what's possible and what will make things easier for our customers

Why gnexxt.com?
Our company specializes in fully customized solutions for corporate or individual customers who view their online presence not as a trendy expense but as a solid investment. There are numerous reasons why the Generation Nexxt, India [gnexxt.com] is the company of choice for those in quest of a matchless solution.

  • Online Support is a key to success
  • Our company always keeps pace with ever-changing requirements and technological advances, because we want to provide only top quality service

  • Special attention is given to implementing new ideas and advancements in our work. Therefore, all of our work is based on up-to-date technologies.


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